Sunday, 26 February 2012

Broccoli Salad with Asian-Style Dressing

by Amy

Substitutions: None
Rating: 7

Does this photo look blurry to you? It's making my eyes hurt. Or maybe it's just the smoke from the pan-fried salmon searing my oversensitive eyes. Course I didn't eat the salmon, Stu did. And I am glad: I wanted it gone. I've just watched a documentary about over-fishing and every time I opened the fridge I felt compelled to apologise to it. I'M SORRY SALMON! I knew you were farmed but I didn't know smaller fish were being harvested to extinction just to feed you! It's not your fault! You were powerless! My sore eyes are NOTHING compared to what your kind have suffered!!

So... broccoli. This was quite nice. You eat it at room temperature which was slightly odd but, quite nice. I was skeptical at first because, when you make up the dressing, NO WAY does it seem like this tiny puddle of soy will be enough to dress a whole head of broccoli. Actually it does do the job but the flavour is not super strong. If you like delicate flavours then it's probably just right. Also, major bonus is that this is super low in pointage because there is only one teaspoon of oil in the whole recipe so I'll be revisiting this one soon I reckon.

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